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this is the most beautiful photo of paris ive ever seen, it really does the amazing city justice wow

imagine waking up by some rays of sun, you open your eyes and see your boyfriend. he quickly grabs a filthy shirt that he finds on the ground, gives you a forhead kiss and then leaves to get you two some coffee and croissants. you get up, walk to the balcony and then see this stunning view..

I miss Paris.

I will be there soon

pictures like this always make me sad bc here i am
on my computer
in my room
and its such a beautiful weather right now
thats so depressing

someone bring me back to paris 

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Goals tbh
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“You’re in my veins, you fuck.” Pete Doherty says that this was the best text message he’d ever gotten from Kate Moss; she also wrote it on a wall of his bedroom in her own blood.
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